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Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is in rehearsals, with Katie Haigh directing Holly-Rose Clegg, and tickets are now on sale for the show on June 4 and 5 before we go to the Edinburgh Fringe! We're hugely excited about the preview at the Drayton Arms. We hadn't realised until now that a fridge plays such a central role in this topical satire about sugars, addiction and a food giant gone rogue. The contents of a fridge really reveal a lot about a character. in the show, Mimi, a young vegan activist, obviously keeps her kale, carrot and beetroot supplies there. Her mother, Susie, a busy marketing executive, keeps a chilled bottle of Chardonnay ready for when she returns from work. But there's something else in the fridge that will change both their lives. Come along if you want to find out what it is! We look forward to seeing you in June. We're coming all the way from Paris to perform for you, so it's not so far for you to come and give us your feedback...

Going Solo

*confession, I’ve never written a blog before but now seems as good a time as any to give it a whirl and share some of the exciting/terrifying roller coaster process that is putting on my first solo show!  Nearly 2 years ago, I sat with my best friend at her piano and sang the Judy and Babs Happy Days/Get Happy duet. It wasn’t a project, it wasn’t even a rehearsal, it was two friends singing because we loved it and were excited to have found the music. Both of us had dipped our toes in cabaret but it wasn’t until many coffee dates later that it became The Diva List. I’ve loved what we’ve worked on together and I’m looking forward to many more exciting projects together that are written on post it notes, or on the back of sheet music and the ideas we haven’t even had yet. I’d done a few showcases and guest spots but it was my first experience of the whole process, being both producer and performer and it certainly got me thinking.   I made a big decision that the cabaret scene was where I really wanted to be. I’ve always loved musical  theatre and spent plenty of time chasing the drama school dream, but I realised that there’s something special about the cabaret world that my heart was longing to settle into, my head just took a while to catch up! Of course I still have some unfinished business with the West End shows I’d dreamed of being a part of, but they’re not going anywhere and we’ll come to that in the show in any case. One of my favourite things about cabaret is that you can highlight the work that doesn’t always get seen, there are countless amazing musicals out there that don’t get produced or don’t get the limelight they deserve for a whole multitude of reasons (though, usually its money!) AND with a bit of repertoire juggling you can take a whistle-stop tour of them in one night! I’ve managed to get myself a bit of a reputation for finding obscure musicals to sing from, or choosing the wildcard of a lesser known song by a super-famous composer, and I certainly wouldn’t knock being known for that. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t love a greatest hits album as much as the next person or that I don’t sing Disney songs every day in the shower! In fact, the whole equally exciting and frustrating process of programming the show is another highlight for me. Many an afternoon has been spent writing song titles on post it notes and arranging them on my bedroom wall into little cabaret chapters, figuring out links and then the agonising part where I try to figure out if those links make sense or if they only make sense in my head!  Right now, I’m though that part,  I’m about to start rehearsals with the fabulous Nicki Williamson and I couldn’t be more excited to share it all with you!

It's good to be back

MKEC are back in business. We are thrilled to be back at The Drayton Arms Theatre for 2017 with not one show, oh no, not two shows, OH NO, but THREE shows! We will be announcing these productions and dates very soon. Today was the first (of many I'm sure) meetings with the team at the Theatre which involved confirming all the dates but more importantly, getting ourselves set up on their new fancy schmancy website. These kind of meetings are always made better by the fact that they take place in the bar of The Drayton Arms. Whats not to love!? Anyway, lots to be done for our upcoming shows so why not keep yourself "in the know" and make sure you follow along with this blog!  Write soon Liz & Marc

Lots of exciting news

We've been super busy here at the Drayton Arms Theatre over the past couple of weeks. Since launching our Sunday and Monday January sale we have been inundated with companies looking to stage productions with us. As a result we have decided that our Sunday and Monday slots will remain £Free for companies to use indefinitely with the hope that we can really help some smaller production companies to stage works that simply would not have been seen otherwise. 

Tickets now on sale

Tickets went on sale this week for Superhero, Orbits, Twelfth Night, Richard II and Luck of the Draw (!!), tickets will be on sale later tonight (Saturday 14th January) for Judith Veritas production of Seven Petticoats being staged here next weekend.

We'll be releasing details of MKEC productions first musical evening of 2017 happening early February and we have a few more shows to follow this week.

Coming soon

Also coming in February are Mac & Eden with 'The Unbearable Pleasure of Being a Woman', Art FabriC and No Pictures Please Productions - we'll have more details about all of these on our site over the next week.

Just signed

The fabulous Exchange Theatre return with their annual Bastille festival for a massive FIVE WEEKS this year, details to follow.

Lauren Shield from the Diva List will be performing in early March.


We have lots more in the pipeline, do keep checking back for more details


Calling all students!! Stage a production with us for £FREE during February

We have availability from Sunday February 5th to Saturday February 18th and we would like to invite anyone studying a drama related course in London to use our lovely theatre to stage a production for free.

Just bring an audience of 18 people to qualify!!

The Theatre is available from 5pm for an 8pm performance on each of these nights. 
There is absolutely no cost and we never do a box office split.
The only condition is the there is a minimum audience of 18 on each night (we seat up to 51). Below that there is a cost of £10 for each missing audience member.
Enquiries should be made online at http://www.thedraytonarmstheatre.co.uk/contact


Eddies nominations: @stayuplatearts Yokes Night

Correcting earlier post with the wrong company name

Another Eddies nomination, well done to  Stay up late collective

Dublin, 11th March 2015. A slip-up loophole in the law declares all drugs legal for 24 hours. On this night of rebellion, Harry finds himself under the influence of Saoirse. Bound by the ecstasy of their union, secrets are shared, and the stench of bloodshed is looming. Stay Up Late and Bear Trap Theatre fuse cut-throat dialect with stylized movement, forging a fresh, progressive theatre experience.


★★★★ A ton of issues plus electric performances makes this two-hander a winning combination" The Stage 

★★★★★ "a play in the truest sense between characters meeting and finding excitement in each other" Broadway Baby 

★★★★ satisfyingly enigmatic conclusion British Theatre Guide

★★★★ electric performances makes this two-hander a winning combination" Fringe Review



Eddies nominations: @YesHaleyMcGee for I'm Doing This For You

Acutely embarrasing, funny and sad, I'm Doing This For You heads up our final batch of nominations...


A new performance by fearless, raw talent Haley McGee. Blending storytelling, live art and improvisation, this show is a big romantic gesture. He’s an aspiring stand-up comedian. Today is his birthday. The audience is her gift to him. It’s a surprise: ‘You get comedy and cake. I get to correct a mistake.’ Funny, uncomfortable and a little bit sad, IDTFY explores the extremes a person will go in the name of obliterating her loneliness.

‘Acutely invigorating... Sharp beyond belief... A hilarious, haunting show.’ (Top 10 Plays of 2015, Coast, Halifax).


A new performance by fearless, raw talent Haley McGee. Blending storytelling, live art and improvisation, this show is a big romantic gesture. He’s an aspiring stand-up comedian. Today is his birthday. The audience is her gift to him. It’s a surprise: ‘You get comedy and cake. I get to correct a mistake.’ Funny, uncomfortable and a little bit sad, IDTFY explores the extremes a person will go in the name of obliterating her loneliness. ‘Acutely invigorating... Sharp beyond belief... A hilarious, haunting show.’ (Top 10 Plays of 2015, Coast, Halifax).

Eddies nominations: @Spun_Glass for Stamp

Spun Glass gave us two brilliant shows to consider - we're nominating Stamp in particular for its ridiculous, late-night shoe-throwing madness - with some knotty social issues slipped in when were off-guard! 

Hosted by the love child of Sandi Toksvig and Frank N Furter, Stamp is a cheeky, challenging game show where you make the rules. A man and a woman must pit their wits against your choices to fight it out in a never-ending battle for ultimate supremacy. Interactive cabaret for the naughty child in everyone.

Praise for Spun Glass:

'Extremely strong performances... devastating, brilliant' (Argus).

'Beautifully poignant... a rare gem' ***** (ThreeWeeks).

The Argus Angel winners 2013



This creepy, vividly realised story gets our next nod. We didn't always understand it, but we couldn't look away... 

A domestic horror by Neil Smith. 'A play that makes you want to shout "Run!" at the stage' (Stage).

In an isolated cottage, deep in the English countryside, John makes a surprise visit to Helene, whom he abandoned nine years ago. As a storm rages outside, a nine-year-old girl looks on. Silently. Not making a sound...

Echoes follows Living Record’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 production of Neil Smith's debut play, Reunion: ‘An unmissable play on the Fringe’ (FringeReview.co.uk). ‘Suffocatingly intimate’ (EdFringeReview.com). ‘A joy to watch’ (BroadwayBaby.com).




Eddies nominations: @FERAL_Arts for Bird

And our last, but not least, nomination goes to Sita Pieraccini and team for the inventive and enchanting performance of Bird

A vast and desolate world. One lone creature, starved of both food and friendship. With only a patch of soil to call her own, she must be ready to seize every small opportunity that might fly by… Created through inventive clowning, mime and visceral physicality, and enriched by a detailed and subtle soundscape which is performed live, Bird is a timeless tale of friendship, courage, magic and madness.


‘Powerful’ **** (Herald)
. ‘Absorbing’ **** (EdinburghGuide.com).
‘Sweet, wry and heart rending’ **** (Skinny). 

Supported by Made in Scotland. Madeinscotlandshowcase.com

Eddies Nomination: @Outofspitetheatre This is Not Culturally Significant

We are on a roll with the nominations today, congrats go to Out of Spite Theatre with This is not Culturally Significant


A culturally insignificant one man show that delves into the bizarre, compulsive and wonderful nature of humanity. An eclectic mix of characters are portrayed, from a pathologically lying Classics professor to a despondent American porn star on the brink of her retirement. This is a thunderous, high-energy piece of theatre that holds up a mirror to the often unnoticed absurdities of human life.


★★★★★ "Raw, crude, harrowing – ‘This Is Not Culturally Significant’ shows it all"  Three Weeks in Edinburgh http://www.threeweeksedinburgh.com/article/this-is-not-culturally-significant-out-of-spite-theatre/

★★★★★ " surreal yet incredible journey, one man show that spirals in every direction" Ed Fest Magazine  http://www.edfestmag.com/this-is-not-culturally-significant/

Eddies Nomination: @grittytheatre Bones

Our latest Eddies nomination, well done to Gritty Theatre.

19-year-old Mark knows he has to make a choice that could change things forever, as he is living a life he never signed up for. But how far will he go? This poignant, emotionally charged monologue about a boy trying to find his place in a world that doesn’t want him will chew you up, spit you out, then make you wonder why you cared in the first place.

Audiences said  "I'm really glad we included Bones in our schedule. Brilliant solo performance, story was gripping and very realistic." "Strong, no holds barred, no punches pulled, in yer face performance worthy of the high acclaim it's been receiving. Treat yourself! You won't regret it! But you will if you miss it!"

★★★★ BroadwayBaby.com

Eddies Nomination: @PennyworthProd for Empty Beds

Audiences said "Wow what a find this was. Three extremely talented actors, so natural and real. Moved us both to tears" & "Three extremely talented girls!! Very well written and the set was so effective! It shows the reality within relationships, and makes the audience feel a huge spectrum of emotions from tears to a lot of a laughter!" and we agreed! Congratulatins for Pennyworth Productions our latest Eddies Nomination.


"Nobody should spend their birthday alone... right? The Wyld sisters – Catherine, Emily and Jo – tend to avoid one another. Today, they're trapped on a train 250 miles from home, en route to visit their brother Michael on his birthday. He's seriously ill and the only available psychiatric hospital bed has left him stranded on the other side of the country. The sisters have been travelling all day to see him and patience is wearing thin. Searingly honest, award-winning new writing from Julia Cranney, exploring the human impact of cuts to mental health services."


Empty Beds ★★★★ Fest - https://www.festmag.co.uk/theatre/103519-empty-beds

Empty Beds ★★★★ Three Weeks - http://www.threeweeksedinburgh.com/article/empty-beds-pennyworth-production/ 

Empty Beds ★★★★ Arts Awards Voice - http://www.artsawardvoice.com/magazine/reviews/empty-beds