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Introducing Haley McGee

Introducing Haley McGee

Our Eddies Brompton winner  Haley McGee www.haleymcgee.ca / @yeshaleymcgee is performing her production Never Mind The Noise, I'm Doing This For You in just over a week, we thought we would catch up with her to find out a bit about what makes her tick ...


bookNow black large 2Where did you study?

"Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) – BFA Theatre Performance

Second City Conservatory (Toronto, Canada)"

Where is home?

London & Toronto

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself ...

I make dance videos with my friend & colleague Ava Markus – we dance in public spaces with non-professional dancers for fun, to try to get back to that feeling of dancing in the backyard as kids and to remind everyone including ourselves that we live in bodies.

Check out a video here


What is the last production that you watched?

Belarus Free Theatre’s Tomorrow I was Always a Lion

Where is your favourite London Theatre to watch a play in?

So many! And still discovering. Almeida probably…

What theatre you would most like to act in?

Almeida, National, Soho, Globe with Emma Rice, Young Vic, Arcola, Park, Finsborough, Hamstead ! I’m here. Bring ‘em on.

Who is your favourite actor?

Alan Williams

And your favourite Director?

EMMA RICE. I loved her Dream SO MUCH.

Emma Rice - The Stage - Credit Steve Tanner

Production you would most like to be in?

It’s more about the kind of productions. I want to be in work that is not only thought provoking but feeling provoking too. And I don’t just mean weeping. I want to be in work that is profoundly funny and moving and arresting and and and…

Earliest memory of theatre?

Sound of Music in Toronto with Donny and Marie Osmond, during which I whispered to my aunt, “I wish this would never end”

What is your biggest extravagance?

Pre-sliced pineapple from the grocery store on a regular basis.

What would you do as minister of culture for the day?

I would make singing and dancing a mandatory daily component in every school and workplace. I think we’d be happier collectively if we engaged in the arts ourselves – doing it for the fun of it, for a little every day – the endorphins released! the complicity the cooperation the joy!

Best piece of advice you have been given?

Don’t move so fast nothing good can find you

Last piece of music that you downlaoded?

“Think About You” by Léon

Favourite spot in London

It’s got to be Hamstead Heath. The Canadian in me craves the expanse of green.

Tell us about your forthcoming work at the Drayton Arms Theatre?

I got the idea for I’m Doing This for You after an on/off/on/off relationship with a comedian, who couldn’t commit, but made big romantic gestures to keep the fire alive… But, in the end, the show is really about just how far we will go to not be alone.





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