Welcome backstage

Introducing Lauren Orrock

Lauren Orrock will be performing in The Superhero at the Drayton Arms theatre later this month, we thought we would take a moment to get to know her ..


Where did you stufy?

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Home is?

Midlands originally but now North London

Name one interesting fact about you

I’ve never ever had a pet – I once had a furby

Last production that you watched?

Wild Honey @ Hampstead Theatre

Favourite London Theatre to watch a play in?

Young Vic

Theatre you would most like to act/direct in?

Royal Court

Who is your favourite Actor?

Olivia Colman

And your Favourite Director?

Carrie Cracknell

Production you would most like to be in /direct?

I can’t just pick one existing production so I’d have to say an amazing piece of new writing. 

Earliest memory of theatre?

Backstage tour in reception of ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ – my school didn’t actually take us to the show though.

What is your biggest extravagance?

Probably theatre tickets…and food.

What would you do as minister of culture for the day?

Make theatre tickets far cheaper for the day so that they’re accessible to everyone.

Best piece of advice you have been given?

‘Don’t do that’ – when I was about to jump off a jetty…I didn’t listen.

Last piece of music that you downlaoded?

Ra Ra Riot - Water

Favourite spot in London

Southbank really late at night when it’s not rammed. 

Tell us about your forthcoming work at the DraytonArms Theatre?

It’s a great piece of new writing by Sophie Swithinbank. This is the third time I’ve been involved in ‘The Superhero’– Starboard Festival, The Tabard & now here. I keep coming back because I love the piece & the creative team and I’m super excited to work with the new cast members on the newest edit – it’s even better now! 

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