Eddies Nomination: @PennyworthProd for Empty Beds

Eddies Nomination: @PennyworthProd for Empty Beds

Audiences said "Wow what a find this was. Three extremely talented actors, so natural and real. Moved us both to tears" & "Three extremely talented girls!! Very well written and the set was so effective! It shows the reality within relationships, and makes the audience feel a huge spectrum of emotions from tears to a lot of a laughter!" and we agreed! Congratulatins for Pennyworth Productions our latest Eddies Nomination.


"Nobody should spend their birthday alone... right? The Wyld sisters – Catherine, Emily and Jo – tend to avoid one another. Today, they're trapped on a train 250 miles from home, en route to visit their brother Michael on his birthday. He's seriously ill and the only available psychiatric hospital bed has left him stranded on the other side of the country. The sisters have been travelling all day to see him and patience is wearing thin. Searingly honest, award-winning new writing from Julia Cranney, exploring the human impact of cuts to mental health services."


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