Welcome backstage


Lots of exciting news

We've been super busy here at the Drayton Arms Theatre over the past couple of weeks. Since launching our Sunday and Monday January sale we have been inundated with companies looking to stage productions with us. As a result we have decided that our Sunday and Monday slots will remain £Free for companies to use indefinitely with the hope that we can really help some smaller production companies to stage works that simply would not have been seen otherwise. 

Tickets now on sale

Tickets went on sale this week for Superhero, Orbits, Twelfth Night, Richard II and Luck of the Draw (!!), tickets will be on sale later tonight (Saturday 14th January) for Judith Veritas production of Seven Petticoats being staged here next weekend.

We'll be releasing details of MKEC productions first musical evening of 2017 happening early February and we have a few more shows to follow this week.

Coming soon

Also coming in February are Mac & Eden with 'The Unbearable Pleasure of Being a Woman', Art FabriC and No Pictures Please Productions - we'll have more details about all of these on our site over the next week.

Just signed

The fabulous Exchange Theatre return with their annual Bastille festival for a massive FIVE WEEKS this year, details to follow.

Lauren Shield from the Diva List will be performing in early March.


We have lots more in the pipeline, do keep checking back for more details