The information below is for theatre companies looking for a space to stage their production and for people looking to use the theatre in the day for courses, rehearsals etc.

Our aim is to build relationships with new and emerging production companies and to provide them with a cost effective, supportive environment to stage quality theatrical productions.


We are genuinely passionate about helping out smaller companies and as you will see below, our charges reflect this.


Sunday/Monday Theatre Hire!

We know that the purse strings can often be tight for the smaller companies we support, so we have decided to give some of our Sunday and Monday slots away for free! Our usual terms apply, with the only difference being a minimum occupancy of 25 people. Meaning as long as your audience on each night is 25 people then our delightful zone one theatre is yours for free! Our free offer is subject to availability. 


Our usage fee is £100 per show based on a minimum occupancy of 18.

For daytime use it's £50 for 3 hours (£150 a day).

For groups of 10 or more we can offer a special rate starting at £150 a day including refreshments and lunch (£20 room hire plus £13 per person), this rate includes coffee & croissant on arrival, mid morning coffee, buffet lunch, mid afternoon coffee. 

How do i get the £100/show rate?

Unlike other theatres that operate box office splits with them getting an ever greater amount of money as your audience gets larger PLUS taking any associated bar spend, we understand that a big audience generates revenue for us downstairs in the bar so our prices are adjusted to reflect that.

We don't do splits and all the money that is taken through the box office is yours to do with as you wish - honest!!

Our prices are simply based on you bringing in an industry average audience of 18 per night (our average across the past 12 months has actually been 27 so we feel this is pretty achievable!). We can point you in the direction of papering clubs who may be able to help you fill seats if occupancy is not as high as you need.

So, in a nutshell an audience of 18 = £100 usage charge.

Any less and we will charge you £10 per missing audience member to make up for the lost revenue downstairs and ensure we can cover our costs on the bar.

What about longer runs, the second week can often be challenging?

We fully appreciate this so for a run of three weeks or more, if an average occupancy of 50% is achieved across the run then we will waive the nightly occupancy charge.

Can we do any deals with the pub for food?

We offer food and drinks packages that shows are required to cross promote with their tickets, please ask about our current offers.

Cast members get 50% off their own food at the bar during the run.

How many people does the theater seat?

Our fixed raked seating seats 50 people.

Is there any small print?

Companies are expected to market their own productions - we will publish your production on our website and a couple of others where we have a login, you will defiantly need to do more than this to get an audience!

You will need to use our choosen box office provider TicketSource, they have very competitive rates including the ability to receive payment for ticket sales before your production even opens! This also means no VAT on ticket sales (unless your company is Vat registered obvs.)

All companies are required to use our branding and to promote our services (pre-theatre dining for example) in all advertising, marketing and press releases.

We prefer all companies to use our standard pricing for shows this includes £14 general admission, £10 concessions, 2 nights of £8 previews and Ten £10 early bird tickets available every night of the first two weeks - full details can be provided. 

What do your charges include?

  • use of our delightful zone one theatre
  • online posting to our website
  • access to templates and FAQ's to help and guide you 
  • an allocated point of contact from our artistic team to answer any questions and help you if you get stuck
  • a duty manager every night of your show

Are there any extras that we will need to pay?

  • You will need to pay for one of our approved technicians to set up the rig for you at the start of the show and also for get out at the end, they cost £10 per hour
  • You will need to provide you own operator during the run (alternatively we can arrange one for you at a rate of £30 per show) 
  • You will need to provide posters with our marketing guidelines (We also recommend fliers but they are not required)

What run lengths will you consider?

We are currently considering 

  • Productions that run on a Sunday and/or Monday nights. 
  • Longer productions that run from Tuesday to Saturday (including matinee if required) or multiples thereof 
  • Edinburgh Previews 2017


How do I book the space?

Please fully complete the form below and one of the artistic team will be in touch with you within five working days.

Please do not ring the pub or send in emails.


Theatre Plan




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What next?

If you would like to proceed then please complete the form below with details of your proposal including a brief synopsis of the production,  information about your company and the dates you are interested in.

Please note once we have met up and approved your production and agreed dates we will send you our terms of use. To confirm your booking we require pre-payment of £100 per night and a signed contract.  

As mentioned above please do not call the pub for further information - it's highly unlikely that our bar team will be able to help you out with non box office theatre queries! Please also do not pop in to the pub on the off chance that someone can show you around but book a slot instead by completing the form, as a small business we often do not have sufficient team members available at all times to allow someone to leave the bar and give a tour of the theatre.