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Edinburgh Fringe Previews 2018

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Upcoming Productions

The Egg Rumour

15th July 2018 - 16th July 2018

A musical play that explores the new office perk large corporations are offering to women: Social Freezing! Ladies, you can now freeze your eggs, work your way up the ladder, find the right man and forget about having kids for a few years. It really is that simple! Or is it? With technology moving at a faster pace than our biological clocks are even prepared for, can Iva fit all of her eggs in one basket? Only the Egg Messenger can tell.

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The Laundry

17th July 2018 - 21st July 2018

Well where else would you find women…

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The Half Moon Shania

22nd July 2018

The Half Moon Pub, the punk pit stop of 1999. Ketamine Kerry leads her girls on the pub tour of their twenties. It's gonna be a riot! So wear your best knickers - don't lose them - but lose yourself, because the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun!

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Face 2 Face

22nd July 2018

Technology is becoming a greater force within our society; everyday we are becoming more dependent on it. But no matter how much you rely on technology, you cannot dispute the true power of human connection.

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23rd July 2018

'The realities of life, dream and hallucination are beautifully interwoven offering the spectator an amazing journey' (Marcin Rudy, Song Of The Goat).

Winner of The Creativity Award 2018. In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and... Max! After a car crash, Max questions what happened to Tess. Answers take the form of apparitions of modernised biblical characters, aiding Max in his discovery or tempting him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of a brother whose guilt is driving him away.

‘A beautiful piece about Love and Loss’ (Luke Clarke, The Alchemist).

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Courtroom Play: A Courtroom Play

24th July 2018

Alex Stone is a hotshot lawyer about to make partner, when an urgent call from an old friend drags her back to the town she thought she’d left behind. A big-hearted Hollywood blockbuster set in a small English village, Courtoom Play is a brand new comedy drama written by Jon Gracey (The Beta Males, Werewolf: Live) featuring an all-star cast of comedians. Think Legally Blonde meets Hot Fuzz.

Court is in session.

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24th July 2018

London. 2008. The world economy is in free fall and Johnny thinks he has the answer... But when you've made millions, when you’re at the top of your game, what else is left? How far can you go before somebody gets hurt?

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When The Friendship Has Sailed

25th July 2018

When The Friendship Has Sailed is a comedy about the near impossible task of making new friends as an adult. 

Carrie, a young(ish) Geordie woman, has recently moved to London as all her friends are too busy birthing children and visiting photogenic resturants to spend time with her. Carrie makes a pact with her singing goldfish Christina to 'put herself out there' and find a new friend, although as it turns out, is a lot harder than it sounds.

Featuring original songs, bubbles, a goldfish and a swimming pool.

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27th July 2018

Breathles Theatre's brand-new heartfelt and truthful production focusses on the complexities of modern relationships. We're examining the ways in which religion, race, mental health and sexuality affect families, friendships and romance. Blending verbatim, comedy and drama, SPACES explores how the things that make us different cause both disruption and unity in the minefield that is 2018. 

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27th July 2018

Bric à Brac are an international theatre company who tell true stories in unexpected ways. With a core ensemble of theatre-makers from across the UK, America, and Norway, we graduated from the Jacques Lecoq theatre school in 2015.

Having bonded over our shared language in physicality and clowning around, we created Bric à Brac with the mission of producing bold, collaborative performance that is visually playful and that challenges and subverts our Lecoq-based background.

We take real stories, those which touch us most, and explore telling them in striking, eclectic ways.

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Diary of an Expat

28th July 2018

Cecilia conquers London. Kind of...

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Heather And Harry

28th July 2018

Stumble Trip Theatre presents Heather and Harry, a highly physical genre-blending, gender-bending love story. Combining clown, cabaret, theatre and some impressive rapping, 'Heather and Harry' is an extremely silly unpicking of what it means to be human. 

'Had me laughing and giggling for the whole duration' (A Younger Theatre)

**** (London Theatre 1) **** (North West End)

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29th July 2018 - 30th July 2018

This curious interactive lecture given by actress and software business advisor Zoe Cunningham offers some great advice and practical tips for anyone who wants to do acting (properly). She charts her checkered career of 18 months – from her first tentative auditions to actually appearing in a film with the actor Steve Coogan, via a lead role with the Ladbrook Players (where she wore a dress from the National Theatre costume department) and several short films and workshops, a radio play and productions on the London Fringe for which she received some jolly good critiques.

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Social Media Suicide

29th July 2018 - 30th July 2018

@izzybaby1991 :

You're invited to a very special 27th birthday party. One I promise you won't forget!  #27Club #SocialMediaSuicide

Social Media Suicide is a darkly comic one-woman-show about the lengths a girl will go for online fame. Clare McCall's debut show explores the legacy of the infamous '27 Club' alongside the millennial struggle with social media addiction.

... Oh and there'll be cake!

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The Mariner's Song

31st July 2018

CALLING ALL ADVENTURERS!  With the Mariner as your guide, prepare to brave the elements, sail stormy waters, and embark upon a voyage into the great unknown... Previewing in London before returning for their third EdFringe, KinkyFish invite you to join this visceral journey examining the nature of our existence and exploring humanity’s primal connection to rivers and seas.  Drawing upon family history, classical mythology and his own experience as volunteer crew on a two-week Deep Sea Challenge, writer/performer Rajan Sharma’s narrative poem seeks to create a bridge between the past and future, to better understand our place in the present...

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All Aboard! At Termination Station

3rd August 2018

All Aboard! At Termination Station. A bracing, booming and brash exploration of abortion and pro-choice. Follow “She” on an upside-down nutter-fied conquest through song, dance and some pretty gritty self-reflection.

This show is for the boy who never knew, for the girl who never said and for anyone who didn’t ask about ABORTION.

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Living With A Dark Lord

3rd August 2018 - 4th August 2018

When three sisters come together on their autistic brother’s 30th birthday, they can’t help but mull over their childhood with him, which was shaped by his insistence that he was, in fact, the Dark Lord. As this turning point hits home, they worry about the future and whether darkness really is what the world has in store for their brother, and maybe even for them. Drawn from real events, covering all the heartbreak and hilarity – performed, written and directed by the sisters of the Dark Lord himself.

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Walk Swiftly And With Purpose

4th August 2018

History Boys meets Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour as we follow four girls on the cusp of adulthood in this new take on the classic coming of age tale. Until now they've lived mostly in their imagination – suddenly real life interrupts and their friendship bears the brunt of it. Playful but sincere, the young women reflect upon themselves, their friendship and what it is to grow up in the 21st century.

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Kids Play

5th August 2018 - 6th August 2018

Checklist: Pyjamas, teddy bear, bedtime story, money, train ticket, heart pills, handcuffs.  Text Marty - if I don't call by midnight, something bad has happened.  Start dredging rivers...!

Theo is a seventeen year old student in need of cash.  Greg is a married businessman with a fetish.  When the two meet up in a Brighton hotel room, nothing turns out quite as either of them expected.  An emotional corkscrew of a play with surprises galore, Kids Play is about the strange things a lonely boy will do for love.

Enjoy the twists, but do, please, keep them to yourself.


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Tomorrow In The Battle

7th August 2018 - 25th August 2018

A tale of obsession and betrayal among London’s elite. By turns comic, poignant and brutal, Tomorrow in the Battle paints a searing portrait of loyalty and lust, honour and honesty, duty and desire.

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No Leaves On My Precious Self

1st July 2018 - 12th August 2018

'(No) Leaves On My Precious Self' takes audience through the mind and life of an emerging actor. It explores challenges and every day madness of a career in performing arts. Beautifully moving between physical theatre, musical theatre and spoken word pieces, the show offers a light-hearted but deep and thought-provoking night of entertainment. 

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The Beautiful Game

28th August 2018 - 1st September 2018

One of biggest stars in world football suddenly announces their retirement from the game, at the age of twenty-five!

As everybody comes to terms with the shock decision, the football world and the media look for answers as to why this has happened, and begin to discover how damaging it could be not only to the player, but to the game itself...

Length of play approx. 90 minutes plus stoppage time

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