The Half Moon Shania

"Us three. Gigging. The G Stringz. It could be more than a pub tour. It could be more than a cash in hand gig here and there..."

The G Stringz are a punk rock girl band on the pub tour of their twenties. 15 pubs down, 150 pints downed - each! In one final bid for a bit of recognition, the girls have to whip out every trick in the book. And it's a big, dirty, bitch of a book. We can't promise your personal comfort or safety. But we can promise the prerogative to have a little fun.

Burnt Lemon Theatre launch their punk production The Half Moon Shania onto the stage with a rebel mix of spoken word and music that'll knock your knickers off.

The Half Moon Shania previews at the Drayton Arms Theatre before a full run at the Edinburugh Fringe Festival, performing at ZOO Venues, Southside.


KERRY: Cara Baldwin

JILL: Catherine Davies 

LOLA: Laura Green 



Director: Hannah Benson

Writer: Cara Baldwin

Designer: Jake Smart

About the Company: Burnt Lemon Theatre

Let’s misbehave! let’s have a Riot! Burnt Lemon Theatre are a female led company of break-through artists who aim to launch work from gut to stage. Artistic directors Hannah Benson and Cara Baldwin bring the heat with a vision to create ballsy theatre (without the balls).

Since forming in 2017 on the renowned BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School, Burnt Lemon Theatre have been named a New Diorama Graduate Emerging Company 2018/19. Their first short film 'PADDED' has been shown at film festivals across europe and their new play 'The Half Moon Shania' will be a Burnt Lemon fringe debut. 


Company Reviews

Burnt Lemon Theatre are a New Diorama Graduate Emerging Company 2018/19

"Burnt Lemon are the real deal. Genre-defying, terrifyingly-talented, and anarchically-inclined. A genuinely hilarious company with the passion and skill to tackle subjects that others shrink from."  - Jesse Briton (Bear Trap Theatre)

Production Details

    Run Time:
  • One Act: 50 mins

  • Age Restrictions:
  • 12

  • Tickets:
  • £10.00 Edinburgh Previews
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  • Sun 22nd Jul 2018 - 9:00 pm
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